“I am so glad to be writing this note to you.  You all did a wonderful job on our deck.  It’s so beautiful, day or evening, with the deck and pool tucked under our pine tree.  I couldn’t ask for a better team of workers.  It was nice to have you in my backyard all week, and you always made me feel welcome to watch your work or ask you questions.  I’m sorry to say that not all builders are as nice as you guys.

It was an interesting process to see how this deck was put together start to finish and if you would like to bring future clients to see your work, please tell them to give us a call and come and see this beauty.

We would both like to say a big Thank You to you all and hopefully we would like to have the same team to do future work for us.”

– Barb and Dave Wolodkiewicz
Dayton, Ohio